About Us

About Bloemendal Addiction TreatmentWhat We Do

We offer in-patient clinical treatment for addiction and related psychological difficulties by a team of experienced professionals.

Our treatment is unique in that:

  • Our team consists of highly qualified, but also experienced staff in the field of addiction and psychotherapy.
  • We have a dual approach where we (1) intensely focus on the client’s addiction through the use of the principals of the Minnesota Model facilitated through extensive group therapy, psycho-education and individual sessions, but also provide (2) intensive psychotherapy.
  • The intense and frequent provision of individual psychotherapy and case management by psychologists is unique in the field of Addiction treatment. Each client has his or her own individual psychologist who will see the client at least 3 times a week. This affords for the treatment to be much more focused on the client's individual needs, treatment plan and provides depth of treatment. All our psychologists are finely selected, and we always try to fit the most appropriate psychologist to the particular individual client.
  • The psychologists on the team have various specializations and interests, in such areas as specific diagnostic knowledge; emotional regulation difficulties; personality structure and functioning; the authentic self; trauma and more. The self-destructive psychodynamics which supports the addiction can therefore be optimally treated.
  • Our team has many years of experience in the treatment of Addictions and offer an array of educational lectures and focus groups designed to assist clients to open to the possibility of change and providing them with the framework and tools to address their addiction.
  • Our environment and facilities are beautiful and peaceful, and the setting in nature adds to the healing process.
  • We encourage clients to engage with a spiritual dimension by offering the possibilities of meditation; walks/ outings in nature; engaging with horse therapy through an experiential approach.
  • We have a philosophy of care and nurturing, and emphasize client responsibility and personal growth, rather than the punishment of destructive behaviour.
  • We focus on wholeness and self-discovery, and for clients to reconnect to the meaning in themselves and their lives.

Our Team


  • Gideon Malherbe, General Director
  • Marianda Eras, Clinical Director
  • Tanya Malherbe, Director (Accommodation and Catering)


  • Cynthia Lenders, Clinic Administrator
  • Inshaaf Wallie, Clinic Coordinator
  • Janene van Rensburg, Accounts
  • Duval Mostert, Kitchen and Transport Manager
  • Jackie Venter, Housekeeping Manager

Treatment Staff

  • Marianda Eras, Clinical Psychologist, GZ-Psychologist
  • Dr. Susan Rabe, Psychiatrist
  • Dr. Christelle Hamman, Medical Doctor
  • Tanya van der Spuy, Clinical Psychologist
  • Megan Hofhuis, Occupational Therapist
  • Anina van der Walt, Clinical Psychologist
  • Gert Coetzee, Clinical Psychologist
  • Rachel Barbour, Clinical Psychologist
  • Suzanne de Villiers, PhD., Clinical Psychologist
  • Marga Roets, Clinical Psychologist
  • Melanie Gerrand, Counselling Psychologist
  • Christine Morgan, Clinical Psychologist
  • Melissa de Beer, Clinical Psychologist
  • John Louw, Recovery Counsellor
  • Hester Bothma, Nursing Unit Manager, Registered Nurse
  • Corne Spies, Registered Nurse
  • Hendrieka Stanley, Registered Nurse
  • Veronica Adams, Registered Nurse
  • Amanda Dentlinger, Registered Nurse
  • Ilaam Retief, Enrolled Nurse
  • Junia Meissenheimer, Enrolled Nurse
  • Jodene Jacobs, Enrolled Nurse
  • Spesiline Van Schoor, Nurse Assistant

Support Staff

  • John Louw, Recovery Assistant Manager
  • Riyaad Moosa, Recovery Assistant
  • Anwar Bhoyd, Recovery Assistant
  • Carmen Abrahams, Recovery Assistant
  • Johan Barnard, Recovery Assistant
  • Elsabe Lettenga, Fitness Instructor